Date: Five days before the comet. The sixteenth day of the ninth month.

My journey with Zuko was one of the toughest, most emotional trips of my life. I was given the chance to encounter the man who killed my mother - Commander Yon Rha. But the journey there was difficult. Sokka and Aang did their best to talk me out of it, but I just ignored them. I told them they basically could not understand...I should have known then and there how wrong I was, especially since Aang lost his entire people; and as for Sokka; well, I said he didn't love our mom as much as I did. I let Zuko guide me on this vengeful path, which included me going back to that spirit-damned art of bloodbending on an innocent man! Then when I encountered Yon Rha, that was the final blow. Seeing him, now just a pathetic, washed-up version of the "great" commander he used to be. Justice had already done its work. Yet still, I couldn't control myself from making the attempt to strike him down...but I couldn't. I remembered all Aang had said about revenge - while you watch your opponent fall, you yourself are poisoned.

I will never forgive Yon Rha as long as I live. But if I had gone through with killing him, it would have sent me on a path that would be unending rage and hatred, and I have done enough of that.

Right now, I have things to fix. Wrongs that I need to make right. I have yet to really apologize to both my brother and Aang. I just need to know what to say.


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