Well, fellow Avatar fans, we have not had much overly significant in the way of news for Korra as of late. My fellow associate Template:User did report this bit on when we could see a release date for Book Two uttered by our friends at Nick. But for now, I am able to report to you that if come May, we're still here waiting, why not relive Book One?

Best Buy's website may have just left us a hint about the incoming DVD for Book One. By going [ here], one will see a release date for the 21st of May. Will this be official? Well, we don't know yet as still almost three months separate us from the date in question. But, for now, this and some comic news I hope will satisfy your thirsty news gullets as we continue through the early portions of 2013!

For the Ba Sing Se Times, this is PSUAvatar14, signing off.