? is a one-shot story which takes place during "The Terror Within".

Plot Edit

With Opal having left for the Northern Air Temple, Bolin feels down that, after sensing a connection between him and the airbender, he is again left on his own. Korra hopes she can guide him out of his funk. Borra friendship with Bopal heavily mentioned.

Characters Edit

The story Edit

Donned in light green shorts and a white tank top, the earthbender returned to the same area he was hours earlier, just staring out over the little ledge that led to the vicinity of the airship bay. It was there that he had watched a special friend depart for the Northern Air Temple, not knowing when he would see her again. The sky was clear on the outside, but it certainly wasn't on his inside.

He knelt down, pulling his legs to his chest and gave a saddened sigh.

Why did he have such awful luck with girls?

First there was the Avatar, who was actually in love with his brother all along, though of course that relationship didn't last.

Next there was the "psycho ice princess", who turned out to be...well, just that. He didn't know how he managed to still retain some feelings for her, but he knew that probably wouldn't work out anyway.

There was also his mover co-star, but...yeah, that one was just confusing. In the end, she probably didn't really love him beyond the whole hero angle when he saved the president.

Now he finally meets someone he has a mutual connection with. She's nice, they understand each other, they build off of each other, they feel comfortable around one another...

And now, she's gone.

He wondered what he did to receive such a cursed love life.

Maybe it wasn't supposed to be the most important thing in the world at that moment for him, but he just couldn't get it. Why couldn't he just find the one for him? Why couldn't he just hang on to someone? Couldn't it just work for him?

That's when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He lifted his head up and gasped, a smile quickly appearing.

Could it be, she somehow came back?

His voice quietly uttered...


He turned, ready to give the person a hug.

But he was disappointed.

The girl turned out to be one with long brown hair, slightly dark skin and blue eyes. She donned light blue pants and a white tank top of her own. Her smile was somewhat amused at her friend's reaction.

With a bit deeper voice than that airbender, she said, "Actually, it's me."

Author's notes Edit

  • Korra saying "actually, it's me" to Bolin recalls the same thing Suki told Toph in "The Serpent's Pass" when the latter thought it was Sokka who saved her from drowning.

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