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Earth Kingdom


14 (101 AG)

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Aang, Earth Kingdom

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Earth Kingdom

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Aang's postwar meetings

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Kataang breakup

Buras is a citizen of Ba Sing Se who met and befriended Aang following the Hundred Year War.

History Edit

Buras first encountered the Avatar while the latter was on a walk through Ba Sing Se in the immediate aftermath of the War. Buras was quick to praise Aang for all that he had done, bringing peace to a world he had feared growing up, though Aang was hesitant to accept his praise. The young man then explained to the airbender that he was left disappointed about not being an earthbender, but was quickly reassured that everyone had their place in life, bender or not, and was inspired to continue with whatever he could do. The two talked for a little while then about what it was like for Aang to travel the world, meet his friends, including now-Fire Lord Zuko, and also about his feelings for Katara. Buras would discuss his life growing up in Ba Sing Se, having never known a thing about the War until just a few months prior, and also describing the Fire Nation's conquer and brutal rule over the city.

Buras encountered Aang in the following year twice more. First, following the Avatar's breakup with Katara, the young man, stunned that the two even split at all, gave his advice to what his friend should do. They would meet up again not too long thereafter when the native Air Nomad had to attend war meetings, with Buras giving more advice for how Aang could deal with not being able to see his again-girlfriend for a month.