An Assyrian Emperor's Resume: Ferocious Conquests a Specialty - 875 BC Edit

  • What is the main message of the document?
    • The Emperor of the Assyrian Empire ~875 BCE, Ashurnasirpal II, was a great conqueror for his empire.
    • Among some areas conquered in his time were Hudun, Zamua, Zamru, Ammaru, and Iritu.
    • Ashurnasirpal II also claimed all the cities' wealth and laid brutal waste to the lands.
    • Upon conquering these lands, the emperor also brutally murdered his opponents - notably 500 warriors in the area of Mount Aziru.
    • The land of Zamua became the center of the Assyrian Empire following Ashurnasirpal II's conquests.
  • How can this document help us understand early civilization?
    • It shows that early in civilization; life was brutal and unforgiving.
    • Conquests hammered at the captured citizens and captured anything/anyone they could.
    • Devastation was widespread in Assyrian conquest.