Being safe could mean many things.

It could mean you are protected by an elite defense force.

It could mean you have the power to take down anyone.

You could be far away from any threats.

Or perhaps...

You're just near to someone who always has your back.

Friend, family, significant other.

For these two close friends, there was no safer place than the other's arms.

The two looked out around them, the airship which he had just arrived right next to them. They watched as their friends - one of the group being her brother - talking about all that had just happened during the passing of the comet. Most of them discussed the main show between the most important figures themselves, but courtesy of their enemy-turned-friend, there was some about the epic fire duel that had also been held in that plaza moments earlier.

They looked up at the sky, now crystal-clear. The stars and the moon shone brightly on them.

How fitting...

They were now, at least at that point, in the clear.

No more war.

No more violence.

No more fear.

A feeling of liberation.

They just gazed at each other, tuning out what their companions were discussing.

They had always found a home with the other ever since they met.

They comforted each other in tough times, they supported each other in their various missions, they helped the other out of tough spots...

But most importantly, even though they were all many, many miles from their physical homes - one of them, in fact, really without one...

They were always home with the other.

Never was that more the case in an embrace.

When their arms were around their fellow confidante while being held themselves, they knew they felt safe.

They knew nothing could get to them in those moments.

They knew it was an indication that the other was always there.

They knew they were cared for.

They knew the other was their rock - a shoulder for them to cry on, an ear to leave their thoughts with, a place where worries would come to pass by the wayside.

A place to feel safe.

Thus it was so perfect for them...

They knew it was time to go home, so to speak.

Without any further utterance, they took a step closer and threw their arms around each other, clutching each other so very tight, as two loved ones would after a period of great uncertainty and battle.

And they relaxed, breathing softly, their thoughts dancing with great happiness.

Silent tears rolled down their faces as they locked themselves into each other's living, breathing forms, feeling closer than ever.

There they were, quietly assuring the other they were there...and with them, they would stay.

The time of war was over.

They were home.

They were in that sign of care.

They were safe.