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Southern Water Tribe


16 (101 AG)

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Katara, Southern Water Tribe

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Citizen of the South Pole


Water Tribes

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Aang's war meetings

Kyra was a resident of the Southern Water Tribe and a friend of Katara's.

History Edit

Kyra first met Katara in 98 AG. The two had a commonplace thought that the Avatar would one day return to the world, though Kyra was not as confident as her friend. However, she would be proven wrong when she heard of Katara and her brother finding the long-lost Avatar, Aang. She then bid Katara farewell as she set on her journey to help Aang learn the elements and end the War.

Shortly after the Hundred Year War, Kyra praised her waterbending friend's successes, and finally had the formal chance to meet Aang, who was now also Katara's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Kyra and Katara were able to resume their friendship. A year later, the young woman talked with the waterbender one day while the Avatar was away on postwar business, attempting to comfort her while he was gone for the next month.