A scarring feeling.

One that can rip at the heart of even the strongest of men.

Or even the wealthiest.

He can hear the giggles of his daughter echoing in a nearby hallway...oh, the sound of a child's laughter, how it can bring smiles to the parents' faces.

But not this parent.

Not without his wife.

The loneliness eats at him.

The wealthy father can still see it - those three, dirty, rotten firebenders storming across the estate - trying to take all they could.

How they broke into his estate, neither of them knew.

But it was a nightmare come true.

Then came the march upstairs - and one of the members holding his wife by the neck, his words biting at him like a snake.

Mr. Sato, either you turn over the money, or there will be no tomorrow for this woman. WHERE IS IT?!

He loved his wife far too much to let her die over a few million yuans.

The next thing he knew, he was leading the firebenders to a vault below the estate, granting them access to where he held all his many riches from the success of his automobile company. One still held his wife tight, ready to burn her at any second.

The door opened.

His trick was quickly busted.

COUNTERFEIT!! A firebender yelled the moment he scanned a yuan bill.

Then it happened...the next thing he knew, his wife was set abalaze. He crashed to the floor in a rush of tears, staining his eyeglasses as her life hopelessly burned into a pile of ashes. The sirens of metalbending officers en route could only pierce the silent tears.

That was until he heard another female voice.

Daddy...where's...mommy? Tears were also lighting up in a young girl's eyes as she pleaded. Is she okay?

He ran to her and lifted her up into his arms, clutching her tightly.

She will be, Asami...she will be...