[17:02:46] AangPlushie With the sun nearly faded out of the horizon, and a couple of minutes having passed, Aang finally separated from the deep kiss him and Katara had engaged in. He stared lovingly at her, completely lost in her love.

[2011-12-13 17:05:45] <KataraPlushie> It seemed as though an eternity had passed as night began dawning on the city. Having separated now from each other, Katara merely gazed at the young Avatar before her, feeling happiness beyond words. She was literally speechless.

[2011-12-13 17:06:46] <AangPlushie> Aang had Katara's hands in his grasp, and was searching for the words to say. Feeling nothing much coming on, he just sheepishly said, "Katara..."

[2011-12-13 17:09:05] <KataraPlushie> She broke into a wide grin, holding Aang's hands just as tightly. "I love you," was all she could whisper to him as they stood on the balcony.

[2011-12-13 17:11:12] <AangPlushie> Aang's face lit up, overcome with incredible happiness. He grinned largely, from ear-to-ear, as she finished up the words he dreamed of hearing from her for almost a year now. Only this time, it was real. "I love you too, Katara."

Kataang finale hug

Katara and Aang hugging tightly.

[2011-12-13 17:15:28] <KataraPlushie> She gazed for a few moments into his gray eyes before gazing out onto the glorious city of Ba Sing Se. What better place to be right here at this moment than here? The two still stood there in an embrace.

[2011-12-13 17:17:02] <AangPlushie> As the two hugged closely, Aang ran his fingers through her hair, ever so softly, absorbing the love. As he was doing this, however, he noticed Sokka with an apparent angry look. Suddenly, he broke away from the hug.

[2011-12-13 17:20:21] <KataraPlushie> Katara frowned, clearly disappointed that he had broken away so suddenly. She looked at him curiously and saw that his eyes were on something farther off behind her. She turned around to see Sokka looking out at them, a dark expression on his face. This isn't good..., she thought nervously.

[2011-12-13 17:22:38] <AangPlushie> Sokka walked up to Aang and got in his face, his arms crossed and his look of great anger. "What do you think you were doing with my sister?" He snapped at the young Avatar. Aang grabbed the vest on his neck and tugged it, beads of sweat now appearing on his face. "We were just...talking!" Sokka shook his head. "Yeah, right. I saw you kissing her!"

[2011-12-13 17:26:06] <KataraPlushie> Oh no, Sokka, please don't..., she pleaded silently. But it was clear Sokka wasn't going to back down and she was not about to let her annoying brother get in the way of her and Aang. She grasped his shoulder and looked him dead in the eye. "Sokka, stop it! You're being ridiculous!"

[2011-12-13 17:28:03] <AangPlushie> Sokka took Katara's hand off his shoulder. "Katara, stay out of this! This is between me and Aang!" With that said, he shifted his irritated look back to Aang. "Who do you think you are, kissing my sister like that?"

[2011-12-13 17:30:57] <KataraPlushie> She looked at her brother with fury and disgust. Of course she had prepared for perhaps some reservations with Sokka about her and Aang being together, but nothing like this. "Quit it!" she yelled at him. There was no way in hell she would just "stay out of this."

[2011-12-13 17:33:02] <AangPlushie> "I'll 'quit it' when Aang tells me when he thinks he was doing kissing you!" Sokka's anger was boiling over. "Aang, you may be a good kid, but you need to think twice before I let you date her! Katara, he's too young for you, and doesn't know the first thing about dating! I promise, I will tell Dad!"

[2011-12-13 17:36:20] <KataraPlushie> "He doesn't have to tell you /anything/!" she shouted. "And he is not 'too young' for me. First off, he's mature beyond his years." Maybe more mature than you, she thought quietly. "And, oh that's right, it's only by two years!"

[2011-12-13 17:38:51] <AangPlushie> "He's just a little kid, Katara! I won't let you date him! Aang, you are not ready! Get away from my sister now." Aang, who had remained motionless and nervous, was visibly hurt by that last sentence. Slowly, he walked away, tears in his eyes. Silently, he whispered to himself, "If that's what you think..."

[2011-12-13 17:41:08] <KataraPlushie> She almost wanted to slap her brother straight in the face for saying that. "Alright, shut up already!" she hissed at him. She pushed past her brother hurriedly and approached Aang who was silently walking away, resting a hand on his shoulder.

[2011-12-13 17:42:28] <AangPlushie> Sokka kept up the pace. Noticing that Aang had not walked away, he again snapped. "Aang, I told you to get away from her!"

[2011-12-13 17:44:06] <KataraPlushie> "Didn't I just say shut up?" Katara shot back at him, giving him a poisonous glare. She leaned in towards Aang and whispered, "Please, don't listen to Sokka. He's being very irrational right now." She glared at her brother again.

[2011-12-13 17:45:36] <AangPlushie> Back inside, other members watched the drama unfold. "Wow, Sokka is tearing into Aang pretty good," Toph said. Meanwhile, Suki had grown visibly angry with her boyfriend's actions. "If you'll all excuse me for a second," she said, walking outside to the scene. (cont'd)

[2011-12-13 17:47:36] <AangPlushie> "No, I refuse to," Sokka yelled back. "Katara, I told you, this matter is betw--" Suddenly, Sokka felt a tug on his neck. The next thing he knew, he was being yanked backwards, and he turned to see that his Kyoshi Warrior girlfriend with a poisonous look of her own. "Leave them alone, Sokka!" She yelled at him. "There is no problem with them being in love."

[2011-12-13 17:50:54] <KataraPlushie> Sokka's voiced softened the slightest bit with the presence of his girlfriend, but he was still very stern. "No, Suki, stop, don't get involved in this. Just let me handle this." Oh just go away already..., Katara thought angrily. Stop acting like you're the god of all matters... But Suki stayed put. "Sokka, I'm asking you, please, to just leave them alone."

[2011-12-13 17:52:51] <AangPlushie> Sokka wanted to say more, but seeing that his sister and girlfriend each were mad at him, he decided to give up the fight. "Fine," he said begrudgingly, and he returned to the Jasmine Dragon with Suki.

[2011-12-13 17:54:05] <KataraPlushie> Katara breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of her brother finally leaving along with Suki. Her gaze then to Aang who had been quiet throughout the whole thing. He had upset all over his face.

[2011-12-13 17:55:54] <AangPlushie> Aang, who had just felt like he was at the top of the world just minutes ago, felt defeated and hurt. He looked out at Ba Sing Se, trying to fight back the light mist that was coating his eyes. "I should have thought that he wouldn't like me dating you," he whispered to her.

[2011-12-13 18:00:48] <KataraPlushie> She frowned deeply at this and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, the last light of the day fading from the sky. "I prepared myself for some disapproval from him, but nothing compared to what just happened," she said. "I'm so sorry for that..."

[2011-12-13 18:02:50] <AangPlushie> "I'm not upset with you Katara," Aang replied. "No need to apologize. You couldn't have predicted that. No one can." A tear dropped from his eye. "I only wish we could finally be together with no interference...we made it through this War, waited for it's over, and we still can't seem to get together."

[2011-12-13 18:05:05] <KataraPlushie> "Of course we can," she assured him. "It's only Sokka. I wish that hadn't happened and I wish we didn't have to deal with things like that. But nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that."

[2011-12-13 18:07:21] <AangPlushie> "I hope you're right," Aang said. "I don't want anything to keep us apart...I love you so much, Katara." He looked at her, gazing at her eyes, her love being all he wanted and needed at that moment.

[2011-12-13 18:11:27] <KataraPlushie> "I love you, too, Aang. And believe me, nothing will keep us apart." She rested her head on his shoulder, taking in the near silence of the air. To think just moments ago, there had been yelling and shouting. "Don't pay any attention to my brother. He's just trying to look for me." And being overbearing in the process...

[2011-12-13 18:13:35] <AangPlushie> Aang again embraced his girlfriend, though he felt himself with a heavy head after all that just happened. "I need a walk...want to come with me?" He asked.

[2011-12-13 18:15:38] <KataraPlushie> "I'd love to," she agreed. A walk would be nice... It'll be just us and without Sokka to interrupt..., she thought.

[2011-12-16 22:11:22] <KataraPlushie> The streets of the city were still fairly busy even as the sun set. City life never stops, I suppose, Katara mused as she held hands with Aang and strolled through the streets. She gazed over at Aang to see how he was holding up considering what had just happened.

[2011-12-16 22:12:27] <AangPlushie> Aang looked at Katara to see she still had hints of worry on her face. "Everything's okay now, Katara," he said to her. "You don't have to worry...though Sokka did come down hard."

[2011-12-16 22:14:18] <KataraPlushie> "I'll say," she agreed. "I wish he didn't get all bent out of shape like that sometimes... I'm just glad Suki intervened before it went any further."

[2011-12-16 22:15:29] <AangPlushie> Aang nodded. "I be honest, I thought Sokka was going to hit me or something, the way he came storming out of the tea shop."

[2011-12-16 22:17:54] <KataraPlushie> Katara shook her head. "Nah, I don't think he would hit you. That wouldn't be like him. But he would have just continued his angry rant and things would've gotten worse. In any case, it's over now. Let's just try to enjoy tonight."

[2011-12-16 22:19:16] <AangPlushie> The Avatar gave silent agreement to his new girlfriend, and the two looked down the streets of Ba Sing Se. Occasionally, they would give each other smiles, happy to be in the other's presence. The sun had faded into the horizon; night was settling in.

[2011-12-16 22:25:05] <KataraPlushie> Any civilians who saw the two passing by would smile and wave or even bow respectively to Aang, the savior of the world. "So, is there anywhere you want to go?" Katara asked. "Or should we head back, seeing how it's getting kind of dark?"

[2011-12-16 22:26:22] <AangPlushie> "Well, there is one place I was hoping to show's a while away though," Aang responded. "Do you want to see it?"

[2011-12-16 22:27:46] <KataraPlushie> She gave him a questioning look and smiled slightly, wondering what he had up his sleeve now. "Sure," she replied.

[2011-12-16 22:29:03] <AangPlushie> As the two made their way to this location, Aang decided to stir up a talk to keep them occupied. "So...sometimes it's still hard to believe that the War's over."

[2011-12-16 22:31:24] <KataraPlushie> "It really is," Katara agreed. "After fourteen years of living through war, I sometimes forget that it's over. Of course it's only been a mere week, but still, it is awkward. But in a good way."

[2011-12-16 22:33:43] <AangPlushie> "Yeah, you've had to put up with it for almost fifteen," Aang said. "I of course, fell into that iceberg before the War even began...then you and Sokka came along."

[2011-12-16 22:36:12] <KataraPlushie> "Yep, and /everything/ changed after that," she mused. "Funny thing is, that all happened because of Sokka's irritating ways."

[2011-12-16 22:37:14] <AangPlushie> Aang's eyebrows arched up. "Oh, really?" He asked her. "What did Sokka do to that got me out of the iceberg?"

[2011-12-16 22:40:18] <KataraPlushie> "He made some sexist remark, saying, 'Leave it to a girl to screw things up,'" she told him. "After he said that, I had just had it with him. So I began yelling at him, waving my arms around in gesture and unintentionally using Waterbending to crack open this huge ice chunk.(cont'd)

[2011-12-16 22:41:08] <KataraPlushie> Sokka tried to get me to stop, but I wouldn't listen. Guess it's a good thing I didn't listen to him and realize what I was doing. Because after I splintered the ice, the iceberg in which you were trapped appeared."

[2011-12-16 22:42:15] <AangPlushie> "So, in some messed up way," Aang said, "I have to thank Sokka for freeing me, huh?" The Avatar was sort of confused, despite a chuckle.

[2011-12-16 22:44:29] <KataraPlushie> Katara laughed and said, "Yeah, I guess you do owe him some credit for freeing you. But I did most of the work," she added with a wink.

[2011-12-16 22:45:50] <AangPlushie> Aang gave another laugh. "Yep, you did...I still remember that first sight, I opened my eyes...there you were."

[2011-12-16 22:48:24] <KataraPlushie> She smiled, still able to picture that scene clearly in her mind. "Heh, yeah, and then after a few moments, you asked if I would go penguin sledding with you."

[2011-12-16 22:55:39] <AangPlushie> "That's right," Aang replied. "I was a goofball back then...I still feel like I like to have fun, but not like the way I used to."

[2011-12-16 22:58:19] <KataraPlushie> Katara only nodded and said, "Yeah, you certainly were a goofy kid at that time. But you're right, you still like to have fun."

[2011-12-16 22:59:41] <AangPlushie> "Yeah," he replied. "Looks like we'll have a lot more time for it in the future, if you're ever interested," he added. "It still feels weird, not having a war to think about."

[2011-12-16 23:04:36] <KataraPlushie> "Haha, yeah, it does, but of course, I'd always be up for a little fun," she replied. They continued on their walk to the location unknown to her. The crowds had thinned out much, but some were still active.

[2011-12-16 23:06:23] <AangPlushie> They approached closer to the destination. Zuko had told Aang of this spot just before they came to Ba Sing Se following the coronation, Aang just wasn't sure where it was, so he continued to pass the time with talk. " would you sum up this last year?"

[2011-12-16 23:09:41] <KataraPlushie> Katara fiddled with her fingers. "Well, this past year has certainly been crazy. I've had some of the best experiences and some of the worst. It was just hectic yet amazing. I can't really explain," she said sheepishly.

[11:38:50] AangPlushie "This year for me was probably even crazier than the year before I disappeared," Aang said. "I mean, mastering the elements and all, really getting out to the word, some good times, bad times...

[11:40:45] KataraPlushie "Yeah, it must've been," she remarked. After a few more moments of walking throughout the city, she asked curiously, "So, you won't tell me where we're heading?"

[11:41:54] AangPlushie "Certain things should remain surprises," Aang said. "We're still a while off from, want to say more about the last year?"

[11:44:44] KataraPlushie "There's so much to say about the last year, but all I can say right now is that meeting you and now being with now is the best thing that's has happened to me," she told him.

[11:47:44] AangPlushie Aang blushed at her words, looking away as his cheeks turned red. He chuckled and cracked a smile. "Well, I'm glad to help you there," he sheepishly said. "Tell me...what was it like for you prior to finding me?"

[11:50:45] KataraPlushie She grinned as she saw heat rise to his cheeks and answered, "Life was nothing extraordinary and pretty difficult at times, you know, especially when my mother was killed and my father went off to fight." She paused before going on, "Our village was just barely hanging on.(cont'd)

[11:51:51] KataraPlushie And the frustrating thing was that no one believed the Avatar would return. They all just gave on up on the possibility; I didn't though, and in the end, finding you just proved that you just have to keep on hoping."

[11:55:06] AangPlushie Aang's head dropped in sadness. "I was supposed to give people hope...instead I destroyed it," he spoke with a tone of regret. "No wonder why that fisherman was mad at me at first."

[11:59:29] KataraPlushie Katara wrapped her arm around his shoulders. "Don't talk like that. You /did/ give people hope, more than you'll probably ever realize. And that old fisherman didn't know what he was talking about at first. But you did give people hope and you saved the world in the end, didn't you?" She smiled.

[12:02:00] AangPlushie Aang got his smile back. "Yeah, I did save it at the end of the day...that's all I can ask for, right? Well...that and someone to love..." He looked straight at her.

[12:04:17] KataraPlushie Katara could feel herself blushing at this comment and cast a warm expression off to the side before turning her attention back to him. "I should say the same for you," she replied.

[12:05:27] AangPlushie "That said," Aang resumed. "I know you'll say that I was this, so I'll have to exclude myself from this question. What was your favorite experience of the last year?"

[12:07:43] KataraPlushie "Hm...," she pondered over this. "I guess mastering Waterbending would be one of them. To think before I wasn't even able to do something as simple as a water whip and now I can perform all these crazy techniques."

[12:09:03] AangPlushie "Master Pakku was a great teacher," Aang said. "Well...sometimes," he recalled his experiences with the elder Waterbending master. "But, you came very far...I'd even say you're a better Waterbender than myself."

[12:11:04] KataraPlushie "Eh, I don't know about that. You /are/ the Avatar after all and especially since you have the power of the Avatar State," she said. "I still remember the time you rose up on this immense water tornado. You really blew my mind with that."

[12:12:01] AangPlushie "I know, but the fact is you can do all that awesome bending without an Avatar State," Aang said. "I need it to do something like that water tornado."

[12:14:58] KataraPlushie She simply shrugged. "Well, there were plenty of other exciting experiences over the months. The fact that I got to travel all around the world and met many new friends is truly something to behold."

[12:16:00] AangPlushie "There's something you never thought would happen," Aang remarked. "I sort of did that before I froze myself, I actually had a friend in the Fire Nation; remember, Kuzon?"

[21:01:55] KataraPlushie "Oh yeah, you would sometimes talk about him in the past. Sounds like you two had a lot of fun getting into trouble all the time. Didn't know until then that you would be willing to cause trouble like that," she said in an amused tone.

[21:04:56] AangPlushie "Well, we were young kids," Aang added. "I remember this one time, when we ventured around a dragon lair, and we found thieves trying to steal a dragon egg! We got it back from them, then the dragon thought we were trying to steal it! Thankfully, she changed her mind, and we all wound up safe."

[21:07:06] KataraPlushie She laughed at this and said, "Yeah, good thing she did. You guys were pretty daring back then. Almost amazing at how much you've matured since then."

[21:09:18] AangPlushie "I know," Aang said. "I think just being around the world, getting the realization about the War, it changed me a lot. I knew I had to wise up, or there would be no world to save. Seeing what it had done to everyone...."

[21:12:00] KataraPlushie Katara nodded and said, "Well, you certainly did in the end. As I told you before the invasion, you're no longer that goofy, inexperienced kid you were when I freed you from the iceberg. It's nice to see how far you've come."

[21:13:08] AangPlushie "We've all come pretty far," Aang said, nodding. "Remember when you struggled with Waterbending? Now you're one of the best Waterbenders in the world, if not /the/ best."

[21:15:57] KataraPlushie "Well, maybe not the best, but somewhere up there. But yeah, we all grew up in some way," she agreed, looking up at the moon glowing in the darkened sky. The streets lit by the lanterns of the city made for a beautiful scene.

[21:16:59] AangPlushie Aang remembered the directions Zuko gave him to get to the desired location, and realized they were closing in on it. "Well, we're almost there Katara," he said to her. "You'll like it, it's a beautiful sight..."

[21:19:03] KataraPlushie "I'm looking forward to seeing it," she told him as they walked along, still pondering on where he could be taking her.

[21:20:50] AangPlushie The Avatar and the Waterbender reached the fountain, but only for them to discover, that like Zuko had told Aang when he went there, the lanterns were unlit. Aang dipped his head in disappointment.

[21:22:43] KataraPlushie Reaching a courtyard where a beautiful fountain stood at the center, Katara smiled before noticing Aang's disappointed expression. She frowned and asked, "What's wrong?"

[21:23:43] AangPlushie "There's supposed to be a better scene here," Aang said. "Something more beautiful." He stopped speaking as his thoughts recalled more of what Zuko told him. "Wait, Katara, I got it! Close your eyes."

[21:25:41] KataraPlushie Katara gace him a questioning look before complying and closing her eyes. She heard the footsteps of Aang walking forward and wanted desperately to see what he was up to.

[21:27:39] AangPlushie Aang gathered some fire onto his finger tips and lit every one of the lanterns, lighting up the fountain and creating a more magnificent sight. "Okay, Katara, you can open your eyes now."

[21:29:22] KataraPlushie She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She was amazed by what she saw. Dozens of lanterns glowed softly, making the water glimmer in the night. She smiled widely. "Oh my gosh..."

[21:31:21] AangPlushie "Zuko told me about this fountain, he took some girl he met during his first time living here, before he re-met Mai," Aang explained. "The exact same thing happened to him, the lanterns were out, and he lit them with Firebending. He recommended this spot to me."

[21:33:48] KataraPlushie "Well, what a recommendation...," she remarked, walking up next to Aang, taking his hand. "It's stunning."

[21:34:36] AangPlushie "It is...quite beautiful," he said. After this, he turned to her with a loving look. "But...not as much as you are."

[21:35:39] KataraPlushie She blushed at this and gazed at him with her own loving expression.

[21:37:39] AangPlushie Aang grasped each of her hands and moved his face towards her, and hoped to engage in a kiss.

[21:39:01] KataraPlushie Katara smiled slightly before closing her eyes slowly and leaning in towards him, unable to think of a better place than right here to share a kiss.

[21:39:55] AangPlushie His lips made contact with hers, and the world began to fade away, as he drifted off to an apparent heaven. He wrapped his arms around her, his eyes closed.

[21:44:01] KataraPlushie As she had earlier that day, she threw her arms around his shoulders and enjoyed another deep kiss, once again becoming awash in time. For several moments, the two simply stood there, love-locked by the fountain.

[21:47:33] AangPlushie Aang was entranced with the feeling of her lips on his, the love flowing through him like the wind through the air. After some time, he separated from the kiss, needing to catch his breath, but still overwhelmed with happiness.

[21:49:58] KataraPlushie Even after they separated, Katara still embraced him, grinning brightly and seeing a twinkle in his eyes. "Tonight has just been... great," was all she could say.

[21:52:29] AangPlushie "It has," Aang said, "Despite your brother..." suddenly, Aang gulped nervously as he came back to Earth. He sighed nervously, thinking about what Sokka might do to him when they returned.

[22:01:38] KataraPlushie Katara brushed his cheek lightly with her hand and gave him a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about Sokka. As I said, he's just trying to look out for me. And although it's irritating, you shouldn't be concerned about my brother.

[22:03:34] AangPlushie "I won't lie Katara," Aang said, somewhat shaking. "Your brother scared me earlier. I know he is looking out for you, but he came down so threatening on me."

[22:07:53] KataraPlushie She sighed and said, "I'm sorry he was so harsh on you. That was really uncalled for." She thought bitterly back to that afternoon, the dark look on Sokka's face, and shook her head slightly, wondering why he had to do those things...

[22:09:05] AangPlushie "You don't have to be sorry," Aang assured her. "It's not your fault Sokka doesn't want me being together with you," he continued. "As much as he doesn't like it though...I want to be with you...I mean, I love you.

[22:10:28] KataraPlushie "I love you, too, and I want us to be together as much as you do," she told the young Avatar. "And we shouldn't let Sokka ruin anything."

[22:12:33] AangPlushie "Right," Aang replied, smiling at her. "'s pretty late...we should get back to the Jasmine Dragon.

[22:13:35] KataraPlushie "Heh yeah, it is getting late," she agreed. She took his hand again as the two prepared to leave, but not before casting one more glance over at the firelit fountain.

[22:14:33] AangPlushie "We'll have to come back here some time in the future," Aang told her, noticing her continued admiration for the fountain. "I'm sure we'll have the chance."

[22:16:30] KataraPlushie "Of course," she replied. "And yeah, I'll definitely be wanting to come back here. It's just stunning here." And with that, the two began their trek back to the Jasmine Dragon. Katara couldn't help but wonder what reception they would receive from Sokka, but she fluffed this off.

[22:17:46] AangPlushie Aang tried to not think about the anger he might get from Sokka, instead just focusing on the love he had for Katara, and the great evening they had regardless as they closed in on the Jasmine Dragon. (cont'd)

[22:18:58] AangPlushie At the front stood Sokka, again with an angry look, but Suki was right behind him, ready to stop him in case he went after Aang again. Iroh, Mai, and Zuko were also there; Toph had returned to the apartment to sleep.

[22:21:05] KataraPlushie Katara looked warily at Sokka, but saw that with Suki right there, he wouldn't dare do anything. "Hi everyone," she greeted the team as breezily as she could.

[22:25:14] AangPlushie Noticing Sokka, fear overcame Aang. "Heyguysitwasagoodnightwe'llseeyoutomorrow," he said in a breathless burst, breaking from Katara's hand and attempting to head back to the apartment, but he quickly felt a grab. He turned to see that Sokka had somehow gotten free from Suki's patrolling, and turned the Avatar around. "What did you do?" Horrified, Suki and Katara ran out.

[22:27:00] KataraPlushie "Oh no...," Katara thought, shutting her eyes tightly. A miserable look overcame Suki's face. The two girls were a bundle of nerves, wondering what Sokka would do now.

[22:29:19] AangPlushie "Sokka, please!" Aang said to him, growing desperate and fearful. "I didn't do anything wrong!" Sokka did not believe him. His anger boiling over, he grabbed Aang by the neck of his vest and slapped him across his face, knocking Aang to the ground. Sokka tried to go over to Aang, but Suki came out and tackled him to the ground. "That is enough, Sokka! Quit acting like a little kid!"

[22:31:07] KataraPlushie Katara looked at her brother in complete anger and disgust, but before she herself could go punch him or something, Suki intervened and knocked him over. Instead, she ran over to Aang.

[22:33:33] AangPlushie Sokka and Suki got up. With Sokka's over still boiling over, Suki had no choice but to keep him restrained. Aang wasn't sure what he needed at that point. His face bruised slightly from the near-punch and the impact of falling to the ground, he ran away from the scene and towards the apartment.

[22:35:34] KataraPlushie Katara's face fell as he ran away from the scene. She shot her brother a venomous glare before racing off after Aang. "Aang! Wait!" she called after him.

[22:36:55] AangPlushie "Look at what you did to your sister!" Suki yelled at Sokka. "You may want her happiness, but you can't see that she is happy!? I can't believe you, Sokka!" (cont'd)

[22:39:13] AangPlushie Sokka was in mood for talk. He broke out of Suki's hold and returned to the Jasmine Dragon. Sokka had now become the enemy; Mai, Zuko and Iroh all glared at him as he returned to the shop. "I think it would be best if some of you went to see Aang and Katara," Iroh then suggested. "They need it." Zuko turned to his uncle. "We'll go." Mai nodded her head in cooperation with Zuko's plan, and the two headed towards the apartment.

[22:41:33] KataraPlushie At the darkened apartment building, Katara finally caught up with Aang who bent his head down low in melancholy. She frowned and slowly approached him. "Aang?" she asked.

[22:43:26] AangPlushie Aang turned away from Katara and fell on the couch, his head was buried in the pillow, and tears were coming down his eyes. "All I wanted was to love someone...I meet the perfect girl, you...and then Sokka basically tries to kill me for being in love with you!" (cont'd)

[22:44:09] AangPlushie Zuko and Mai knocked at the opened door and walked in. "Are you guys okay?" Mai asked with a rare hint of concern in her voice.

[22:46:58] KataraPlushie Katara fell beside Aang on the couch and laid a hand on his shoulder, she herself almost on the verge of tears she saw Aang's state and thought back on her brother's actions. She heard Zuko and Mai enter and ask whether they were okay, but she didn't answer right away.

[22:49:39] AangPlushie The Fire Lord and his girlfriend sat on either side of Katara. Zuko was checking Aang's face for injuries. "He's got sort of a black and blue mark on his right cheek," Zuko said. "That's probably where Sokka hit him." Mai looked at Katara with a look of worry for her. "I'm sorry this is happening to you," she said, from one girlfriend to another. "Your brother's been awful today."

[22:52:03] KataraPlushie Katara sighed and stared blankly at the floor. "I know...," she said. "I don't know what's gotten into him... This isn't like him." She looked over at Aang and indeed he did have a small bruise on his cheek. She sighed again.

[22:56:30] AangPlushie "This doesn't seem like Sokka," Zuko remarked. "I mean, I haven't know him for as long as you or Aang have, but he was never this hostile." As the talking continued next to him, Aang knew his best day ever was now ruined. He had gotten two kisses from Katara, but began to think to himself if his love for her was worth it, if Sokka would be so angry.

[22:58:56] KataraPlushie She saw the pained, heavy-hearted expression on Aang's face and wished she could just lift all the weight on him. She was at a loss for words, so instead she just wrapped her arm around his shoulders.

[23:00:23] AangPlushie "Is she worth it, for this?" Aang mumbled into the pillow. Zuko caught hearing of this with some alarm. "Uhhh...did anyone just hear what Aang said?"

[23:11:54] KataraPlushie Katara titled her head curiously. "No, what did Aang say?" she asked.

[23:14:37] AangPlushie "He said, 'is she worth it, for this'", Zuko responded. "I hate to say this, but, Katara...he might be wondering if he should be dating you."

[23:16:39] KataraPlushie The words hit her heard and she looked miserably at the floor once more, feeling hurt by this. He really thinks that? she thought, feeling tears come into her eyes. Zuko gave her a sympathetic look.

[23:17:48] AangPlushie Zuko thought back to all the roadblocks he went through to get to Mai, and figured he should try and help Aang along. "All right, I think I should talk to Aang personally, man-to-man. Mai, why don't you take Katara and go talk to her?" Mai nodded. "I can do that."

[23:20:33] KataraPlushie Zuko and Aang left the room, leaving Mai and Katara alone. Mai frowned deeply. "How could he think that?" was all Katara could ask. "I'm positive Aang didn't mean to say that," Mai answered truthfully. "He's just been through a rough day..."

[23:22:58] AangPlushie "Aang," Zuko said to him. "You can't let Sokka acting mean you pull you from dating Katara." Aang sighed heavily. "I don't know Zuko...if Sokka's so against me and her dating, I don't know why I even bother..."

[23:26:52] KataraPlushie "I know he has," she told Mai. "It's been rough for me today as well, but I'm not second-guessing being with him." Mai laid a hand on her shoulder. "I know, but sometimes such pressuring situations can lead to thoughts like that. Don't worry; Zuko will help him see the light of day again."

[23:29:15] AangPlushie "It's hard, considering Sokka is around you daily," Zuko said. "But you have to let love play itself out...I had to get around a lot to find my way back to Mai. I liked her when I was a young kid...then of course I got banished. But...I never got her off my mind. I always loved her, no matter what got in the way. That's something you have to will always face challenges in love." (cont'd)

[23:31:09] AangPlushie "That was a lot you had to get around," Aang said, wiping some tears from his face, finally lifting his head. "It was. Then I had to abandon her to join you guys...and I thought that was it. Yet, she still risked her life for me. She still loved me, and I loved her too. And Aang, Katara loves you. She won't let Sokka come between you two."

[2011-12-18 09:24:53] <KataraPlushie> "You seem so sure about this," Katara commented. "Because I've gone through something like that," Mai told her. "It wasn't always easy for Zuko and I either. Heck, he left me once already when he went to join you guys." She frowned a bit, but continued, "But we got through that. And it'll be the same with you guys. Hey, if love is real, it finds a way."

[2011-12-18 09:27:30] <AangPlushie> "I know she would," Aang replied, "But, it's so tough for me..." Zuko placed a hand on Aang's shoulder. "Sokka can't act this way forever...sooner or later he'll have to accept that his sister is not a little kid, and he'll see how happy she is with you. Trust me. Right now, though, if you truly love won't let Sokka get in the way of it. Like I told you with Mai, every love has its obstacles, but true love wins at the end of the day."

[2011-12-18 09:31:48] <KataraPlushie> "I guess you're right," she said, twirling a strand of her hair absentmindedly. Mai smiled at her, something Katara didn't see too often from her. "Those two should be finished talking soon," Mai told her. "Don't worry, it'll work out in the end."

[2011-12-18 09:34:24] <AangPlushie> Aang nodded. "I do, I love her so're right, I can't let Sokka take this away from me." Zuko smiled at Aang's new feelings. "That's right. It's only you two right now...forget what others think. You're in love, and as long as you each think you're right for each other, you'll be fine." Aang finally cracked somewhat of a smile. "Thanks, Zuko. I hope Mai and Katara get done soon so I can tell Katara.

[2011-12-18 09:37:31] <KataraPlushie> The room fell silent after Mai's reassuring words and all Katara could really hope for was that Zuko was able to convince Aang otherwise. None of this would've happened if it weren't for my annoying brother, she thought with contempt. But they would get through that, she hoped. She wasn't going to let her stupid brother ruin the best thing that happened to her.

[2011-12-18 09:40:23] <AangPlushie> Aang continued to sit on the couch, waiting for Katara to wrap up things with Mai, hoping that she would still love him, despite what he just said before Zuko ordered everyone separated. "You don't think she's mad at me, do you, Zuko?" He asked with a look of worry. "Knowing Katara, you have nothing to worry about," Zuko assured him.

[2011-12-18 09:42:22] <KataraPlushie> "It's been a while," Mai broke the silence. "I wonder if they're through talking already?" "Should we go check?" Katara asked. Mai rose from her seat and began walking towards the other room. "We'll knock first and ask." Katara nodded and followed.

[2011-12-18 09:43:35] <AangPlushie> The Avatar and the Fire Lord heard a knock at the door, and Zuko rose and opened it. Just as Mai and Katara walked in, though, Aang teared up and released his reservations. He ran up to his girlfriend and through his arms around her.

[2011-12-18 09:46:28] <KataraPlushie> Katara was taken by surprise as Aang ran up and hugged her tightly, but an overwhelming sensation of happiness overcame her and she knew Zuko had gotten through to him. She happily returned the hug, knowing things had been mended between them.

[2011-12-18 09:48:07] <AangPlushie> Tears streaming down his face, Aang wanted to make her a promise. "Katara...I won't let Sokka get in the way of us. I love you, and that's all that matters. Forget Sokka...I just want to be with you. I promise he won't drive us apart!"

[2011-12-18 09:51:50] <KataraPlushie> Katara felt her own eyes water as he promised her this. "You're right. We won't let my brother stop us. We'll show him just how important we are to each other. He'll see..."

[2011-12-18 09:53:14] <AangPlushie> Aang hugged her as tight as he could. "I'm sorry for thinking about breaking up for you, when I said 'are you worth it'...I should have never thought that...because you always have been and always will be worth it."

[2011-12-18 09:56:48] <KataraPlushie> "It's okay. I forgive you," she told him, happier than anything in the whole wide world. Zuko and Mai looked on with their own feelings of gladness, relieved to see the couple back together.

[2011-12-18 09:59:01] <AangPlushie> "What did you say to him?" Mai asked Zuko, as Aang and Katara continued to hug. "I told him all of what we had to get through for us to reach this point," Zuko responded. "We did go through a lot, didn't we?" Mai asked. "Yeah...and I figured it was the perfect thing to tell Aang given the situation," Zuko explained to his girlfriend. Mai smiled and hugged him. "Good job."

[2011-12-18 10:01:25] <KataraPlushie> Zuko grinned and returned the hug. After quite a few moments of simply embracing each other, Katara finally stood back and gave him a loving smile.

[2011-12-18 10:02:41] <AangPlushie> With tears still coming from his eyes, Aang wiped them away and gave her the same smile. "Zuko told me, I can't let Sokka divide us, so I won't. Again, I promise."

[2011-12-18 10:04:34] <KataraPlushie> She nodded only once, saying, "Yes, he was right." They would have to face Sokka now soon at the Jasmine Dragon, but she knew they'd do it together and without the fear of him ending anything.

[2011-12-18 10:06:35] <AangPlushie> Aang's face still sort of stung from the bruise, but he decided to not let that bother him. For now, he was just thrilled to be with Katara, and knew he had plenty of other support if Sokka were to threaten him again.

[2011-12-18 10:09:55] <KataraPlushie> "Well...," Katara began, albeit a bit reluctantly, "uh, should we, you know, head back?"

[2011-12-18 10:11:54] <AangPlushie> Aang declared confidently, "Yes, we shall." "We'll be right behind you two," Zuko said, "In case Sokka tries anything."

[2011-12-18 10:13:42] <KataraPlushie> Katara nodded appreciatively at the Fire Lord and his girlfriend before turning back to Aang. Taking a deep breath, she and him began their way back to the tea shop with the others following close behind.

[2011-12-18 10:16:20] <AangPlushie> The Jasmine Dragon was nearing closing time, with a couple of employees cleaning up the day's mess. Aang and Katara walked inside, hand-in-hand, with Zuko and Mai the same way, right behind them. Sokka titled his head up at Aang, but it seemed like he was not glaring poisonously like earlier. /Maybe Suki talked some sense into him.../ Aang thought to himself. /I hope./

[2011-12-20 17:18:57] <KataraPlushie> Katara drew in a breath as they entered the tea shop. She was slightly surprised to see that he wasn't exactly angry. After a moment, the warrior rose from his seat and slowly approached the two. She could feel Aang tense up a bit.

[2011-12-20 17:20:01] <AangPlushie> Suki was ready in case Sokka tried anything, as were Zuko and Mai. As it had turned out, though, Suki had talked to him. "Guys...I talked with Suki while you were gone," Sokka began.

[2011-12-20 17:24:02] <KataraPlushie> She hoped Suki had worked some magic. "And... well, I just want to apologize for my behavior," he said in a most sincere voice. "The way I've been acting is just childish and stupid. I-I just want to look out for you." He looked at Katara as he said this. She didn't move.

[2011-12-20 17:25:28] <AangPlushie> Aang breathed a sigh of relief as Sokka finally spoke calmly, but he was not sure what to say. He had preached forgiveness, but was not sure if he was ready to forgive Sokka for his actions to keep him separate from Katara. /He's been such a big jerk.../

[2011-12-20 17:28:30] <KataraPlushie> "And it's just, well, different to actually see you with someone," he explained sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. "I still don't know if I exactly like the idea, but I see you two are happy and, well for that, I just have to accept that fact."

[2011-12-20 17:29:54] <AangPlushie> "Don't you think you went too far?" Aang asked. "I mean, Sokka, I seriously thought you were ready to kill me or something..."

[2011-12-20 17:32:02] <KataraPlushie> "Yes, yes, I acknowledge that," he said. "It was outrageous of me to just go up and hit you like that and I shouldn't have yelled at you on the balcony. I shouldn't have done any of the things I did today. I just - I'm sorry..."

[2011-12-20 17:34:50] <AangPlushie> Aang took a deep breath, and could tell Sokka was being sincere in his words. "All right, apology accepted. Katara, do you accept your brother's apology?"

[2011-12-20 17:37:14] <KataraPlushie> Katara gazed at her brother. He had done so much, so many outrageous things today... But she knew he was just being protective and she couldn't be at odds with her brother. "I can't say I appreciate in the least bit what you did today, but yes, I accept your apology."

[2011-12-20 17:41:17] <AangPlushie> "I know my acts were silly, and as Aang said, I took it way too far," Sokka said. "But...I'm ready to move on if you both are."

[2011-12-20 17:42:58] <KataraPlushie> Katara glanced at Aang then back at her brother and nodded at him, letting him know that she was ready to move past this.

[2011-12-20 17:44:53] <AangPlushie> "We are," Aang said, and relief overcame Sokka as his apology was accepted. The young warrior looked back on his actions with great regret. However, Suki hugged him closely. "See, that wasn't so hard, Sokka," she said with a half-joking tone.

[2011-12-20 17:49:06] <KataraPlushie> "Yeah, I guess not...," he also replied in a half-joking way. Katara also moved in to hug her brother, letting him know she fully accepted his apology. Sokka returned the hug, glad that things had been mended.

[19:11:47] AangPlushie Aang could not have been any more relieved that Sokka was no longer mad at him, and that he didn't have to worry about further threats. Him and Sokka locked arms, Water Tribe style. After that, some silence set in.

[19:13:23] KataraPlushie Katara rubbed her eyes, sleepiness starting to settle in, and gazed out the wide open doors at the darkened city. "Well, it's been a long day...," she said. "I think I'll be heading back to the apartment soon to catch up on sleep."

[19:14:19] AangPlushie "It would be in your best interests," Iroh said. "No offense intended here, but we will be closing soon, and I'll need you to leave. It has been a very long day for all of you."

[19:16:45] KataraPlushie The others nodded and agreed that it was time to wrap things up here. "Well, Sokka," Katara addressed him once more, "thank you for apologizing. I really hope there aren't any more of these fights. We can't afford to fight, not when there's peace in the world again."

[19:18:17] AangPlushie "Yeah," Sokka said, "and over stuff like this. I really shouldn't be getting in the way of you guys."

[19:21:42] KataraPlushie She nodded at this. She knew he was only trying to look out for her, but talk about going overboard... "Anyway, I'll be on my way, so good night to all of you." She turned to Aang. "You can linger around for a bit more if you want."

[19:23:59] AangPlushie "I think I'd like that," Aang replied to Katara. "Aang," Sokka said to him. He then raised his hand, which scared Aang, but the warrior then put it down and started laughing. "I'm just kidding!" Suki shook her head. "Okay, that really wasn't funny..."

[19:25:44] KataraPlushie "Sorry," the warrior apologized quickly. Katara gave her brother a slight warning look before giving Aang a kiss on the cheek and starting on her way out of the tea shop.

[19:28:36] AangPlushie Aang blushed at this, and then looked ahead at her dreamily. "Well, Aang welcome to the world of love," Zuko said. "I think you and Katara will have a long-lasting love." Iroh nodded. "I agree with you, Zuko. Aang, you have something special with her." Aang looked back at the legendary general and his nephew. "Thanks, guys. Katara is someone I'll hold onto for a long time."

[19:33:43] KataraPlushie As she descended the steps of the shop, Katara looked back and saw Zuko and Iroh both smiling and talking with Aang while Sokka simply stood there. Maybe it would take time for him to fully embrace the fact that they were together, but he would eventually. After all, she knew they would be together for a long time and nothing would get in there way.

Notes Edit

  • Last appearance of Iroh.
  • Only roleplay set directly after the final scene of Avatar: The Last Airbender.