(Pictured in 124 AG)
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Earth Kingdom/Fire Nation



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Ty Lee, Mai, Suki, Zuko, Katara, Aang, Kya, Lin Beifong, the Kyoshi Warriors, more...


The Xolan Bandits, the Equalists

Weapon of choice

Fans, katana

Fighting style(s)

Chi blocking, hand-to-hand combat

Chronological and political information
  • Mayor
  • Kyoshi Warrior (retired)
  • Mayor of Kyoshi Island
  • Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors (retired)
  • Special assistant to the United Republic Council
  • Kyoshi Island
  • Earth Kingdom
  • Fire Nation
Talia is the daughter of Ty Lee, and the mayor of Kyoshi Island as of 152 AG. She formerly served in the Kyoshi Warriors from 120 - 152 AG, serving as leader from 128 AG onward before retiring to take over the island's mayorship. She also serves as a special assistant to the Earth Kingdom's Councilman in the United Republic Council, occasionally going to meetings in his case.

History Edit

Talia was born in the spring of 108 AG on Kyoshi Island, her birthday falling a month after her mother's. At age six, she began her training towards becoming a Kyoshi Warrior, mostly working under her mother, who had assumed the leadership role seven years prior. She mostly trained in chi-blocking, but worked with other warriors in mastering fans, katanas, and other arts. In 120 AG, at age twelve, she was inducted into the Kyoshi Warriors.

At age fifteen, Talia met and befriended Kya, the then-twelve-year-old daughter of Katara and Aang. Their respective parents already being good friends, Talia and Kya quickly got along after they first met. They spent many days together while Kya's parents stayed on the island on vacation. However, they soon encountered the Xolan Bandits within the mountains. Using combined, effective strategy and solid teamwork, the two girls survived and allowed the opening that was used to capture the bandits. After this, Talia and Kya become close friends like their mothers, and remain this way today.

Another four years after this event, Ty Lee stepped down as leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, allowing the twenty-year-old Talia to take over the role. She assumed her role quickly and very seriously, making sure the warriors were up to snuff; though nevertheless, she would be encouraging and helpful, much like her mother was as leader. Talia proved to be the island's most effective leader; during her time, crime rates dropped 27% on the island, with the Kyoshi Warriors' average capture rate dropping from 5.3 days to 2.5 days.

In 152 AG, Mayor Oyaji II passed away at age 83, opening the mayor's position. Talia, now 44, was given the chance to lead the island in the light of her phenomenal leadership of the Kyoshi Warriors. Talia indeed announced that she would step down to become Kyoshi Island's mayor.

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