Water Can't Cure the Burn of Fear is a oneshot story surrounding Ty Lee's postwar feelings regarding Azula that were revealed in The Search Part 1.

Plot Edit

Takes place before Team Avatar and Azula set to leave on the journey for Ursa. Ty Lee reveals to Katara that she still has a continuing fear for the princess. The waterbender tries her best to comfort her warrior friend.

The story Edit

The sun faded from the atmosphere over the Fire Nation Capital, splashing oranges across the city as a beautiful day came to its end for many of its residents. The moon rose and began to gain the light in its space partner's absence, the symbol of water preparing to dominate fire's capital. A gentle breeze played with fallen leaves on the ground, some amused children attempting to catch them.

At the Fire Nation Royal Palace, however, this sense of serenity could not be shared. Inside the mighty structure which marked the power of its owner, Fire Lord Zuko sat quietly on his throne, in a mix of thoughts about his family. He needed to find his long-lost mother, and the only way he was able to do this was to release his unstable sister, Azula. She who was defeated for the throne under the fire of Sozin's Comet some two years ago, she who was betrayed by her most trusted allies, she whose sanity had left her. Now she was back in the picture, and remained as belligerent as she was then. The former Crown Princess literally bit at her brother's tea offering while meeting with her fallen father, forcing her former friend, Ty Lee, to strike at and block her chi.

Ty Lee.

The Kyoshi Warrior.

Azula's once best friend.

Now her enemy.