The Water Tribe Medal of Honor is an award given by the Water Tribes to anyone who demonstrates the highest order for bravery for the nation. A very rare honor, it has only been awarded three times since 41 ASC.

Notable recipients Edit

Recipient Date Nationality Reasoning


41 ASC

Southern Water Tribe

Sacrificed himself to save a unit of over 500 waterbenders during a raid on the tribe. Awarded posthumously.


56 ASC

Southern Water Tribe

In one of the few victories for the tribe against the Fire Nation raids, he led a unit of 200 waterbenders and warriors to drive back the bulk of an invasion force which reportedly totaled over 2,500.

Ty Lee

102 ASC

Fire Nation

The only known non-Water Tribe citizen to win the award, the Kyoshi Warrior was lauded after saving the life of Chief Hakoda's daughter, Katara, just before Yon Rha ended it during the Attack on the Southern Water Tribe.